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operational rules governing state licensing and regulatory boards and commissions, as well as open records and open meetings

Child Welfare

proceedings involving a governmental entity, namely the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), in which a court is required to make decisions affecting the parent-child relationship, such as the conservatorship of a child and/or the termination of parental rights, placement of children in temporary or permanent foster care, and adoption proceedings involving DFPS.

Civil Appellate

appellate court review of final decisions of civil county and district courts (non-criminal)

Civil Trial

litigation involving contracts, businesses and business owners, negligence, creditors and debtors, fair debt collection, landlord and tenant, and deceptive trade practices act


transactions and relationships among contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, architects, engineers, governmental entities, insurers, sureties and lenders regarding development, design and construction on public and private projects


protections and obligations of the bankruptcy code for individuals and businesses experiencing financial difficulty

Consumer and Commercial

warranties, sales, leases, insurance, credit and collection activities involving those individual or business consumers


misdemeanor and felony crimes, arrest, detention, plea bargains, jury and non-jury trials (for individuals 17 years of age or older)

Criminal Appellate

appellate court proceedings following criminal convictions, including those in appellate courts as well as those in trial courts seeking release of an incarcerated person

Estate Planning and Probate

conserving and protecting property through wills and trusts, transferring property through gifts and wills, providing financial resources for minor children, probate proceedings, elder law issues and minimizing taxes on estates


marriage, adoption, divorce, custody, support plus ownership of property acquired before and during marriage


relationships among patients, hospitals and other health care providers as well as private and government entities which pay for health care services

Immigration and Nationality

securing visas or other documentation to enter or remain in the United States, asylum, citizenship and nationalization


arrest, delinquent conduct, detention and trial of individuals under 17 years of age

Labor and Employment

collective bargaining (involves employees, employers and labor organizations), employment contracts, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, fair pay requirements and workplace safety

Oil, Gas and Mineral

ownership, conveyance, production and financing of oil, gas and minerals as well as land titles

Personal Injury Trial

litigation based on an individual's injury from automobile accidents, professional malpractice, defective products or negligence by another

Real Estate

purchase, sale, rental and financing of residences, commercial buildings and rural land


internal revenue code regulations for federal income and other taxes for individuals and businesses, filing of returns, procedures of the internal revenue service, administrative appeal and litigation of tax issues

Workers' Compensation

claims for on the job injuries to employees and the obligations of employees, employers, health care providers and insurance companies in resolving those claims