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NameFirm / OrganizationYear Certified/Specialty Area
Mr. Bryan Lee AbercrombieAbercrombie & Sanchez, P.L.L.C.2008 Family Law
Mr. Sean Patrick AbeytaKoonsFuller, P.C.2011 Family Law
Justice Marilyn Aboussie1980 Family Law
Mr. Frederick S. Adams, Jr.Koons Fuller Family Law1996 Family Law
Mr. Thomas AdkissonLaw Office of Thomas F. Adkisson1989 Family Law
Ms. Linda Bess S. AlandLinda S. Aland, PC1977 Family Law
Ms. Christine Grace AlbanoAlbano Law, PLLC2010 Family Law
Ms. Kaye Martin AldermanLaw Office of Kaye M. Alderman2014 Family Law
Ms. Kristen A. AlgertGoranson Bain Ausley1997 Family Law
Ms. Amy Christine AllenGray Reed & McGraw2012 Family Law
Ms. Cynthia Rucker AllenThe Whitten Law Firm, PC1997 Family Law
Mr. J. D. Bucky AllshouseJ.D. Bucky Allshouse, P.C.1981 Family Law
Ms. Cheryl Lynn AlsandorThe Alsandor Law Firm2006 Family Law
Ms. Amber Liddell AlwaisOrsinger, Nelson Dowing & Anderson, LLP2009 Family Law
Mr. Joseph H. Amberson, IIILaw office of J. H. Amberson III, P.C.1995 Family Law
Ms. Nancy B. AmickAmick, Stevens & Gadness1987 Family Law
Mr. Russell J. AmsberryThe Amsberry Law Firm, PLLC2015 Family Law
Mr. Andrew J. AndersonANDERSON LEGAL GROUP, P.C.2007 Family Law
Mr. Jeffrey Owen AndersonOrsinger, Nelson, Downing and Anderson, LLP1999 Family Law
Ms. Kathleen Marie AndersonANDERSON & ANDERSON LAW FIRM, PC2005 Family Law
Mr. Joshua Frank AndorLaw Office of Joshua Andor, P.C.2015 Family Law
Ms. Amanda Rae AndraeAndrae Law, PLLC2008 Family Law
Mr. James Robert AngelThe Law Office of Bob Angel2002 Family Law
Mr. Robert Michael AppellLaw Office of R. Michael Appell, P.L.L.C.1996 Family Law
Ms. Rebecca Lee ArmstrongArmstrong Divorce & Family Law, PLLC2013 Family Law
Judge James L. ArthTravis County District Courts1998 Family Law
Mr. Thomas L. AusleyGoransonBain Ausley1980 Family Law
Ms. Kelly Ausley-FloresGoransonBain Ausley2000 Family Law
Mr. Daniel R. Bacalis1994 Family Law
Ms. Ann BacchusAnn Bacchus, P.C.2014 Family Law
Ms. Angeline Lindley BainGoranson Bain PLLC1993 Family Law
Mr. Bruce David BainLaw Office of Bruce D. Bain, PLLC2001 Family Law
Mr. Jerry Ed BainBain, Files, Jarrett & Harrison, P1975 Family Law
Mrs. Patricia Lindley BainGoranson Bain Ausley, PLLC2012 Family Law
Ms. Holly Rampy BairdOrsinger, Nelson, Downing and Anderson, L.L.P2017 Family Law
Mr. Robin E. BairdLaw Offices of Robin E. Baird, P.C.1992 Family Law
Mr. Stephen W. BakerGalveston County Courthouse1982 Family Law
Mr. Thomas John BakerTexas Court of Appeals2010 Family Law
Mr. Johnathan Tracy BallAttorney Johnathan Ball2017 Family Law
Ms. Stephanie Jo Pantier BandoskeBandoske, Butler, & Reuter, P.L.L.C.2012 Family Law
Ms. Stacey Christine BarberCrenshaw, Dupree & Milam, L.L.P.2011 Family Law
Mr. Bobby Dale BarinaBobby Dale Barina, Attorney at Law2002 Family Law
Ms. Margaret Ellen BarnesDenton County Courthouse1997 Family Law
Mr. Mack Bryon Barnhill, IVLaw Office of M. Bryon Barnhill P.L.L.C.2001 Family Law
Mr. John Thomas Barrett, Jr.1986 Family Law
Ms. Maisie Anne BarringerJenkins & Kamin, L.L.P.2010 Family Law
Mr. Kevin Robert BartleyKevin R Bartley PC1991 Family Law
Mr. Jason Semaan BasharaLaw Offices of Jason S. Bashara2012 Family Law
Mr. Sam C. BasharaBashara & Schwartz, P.C.1977 Family Law
Mr. James R. BassJAMES R. BASS ATTORNEY AT LAW1976 Family Law
Ms. Ronique Bastine RobinsonBastine Law Group2012 Family Law
Mr. Jonathan Jay BatesKinser & Bates, LLP2000 Family Law
Ryan Robert BauerleGoransonBain Ausley2018 Family Law
Mr. Steve A. Bavousett1984 Family Law
Andrew Michael BayleyBayley Law Firm2018 Family Law
Ms. Norma A. BazanLegal Aid of NorthWest Texas2016 Family Law
Mr. Charles E. Beachley, IIIBeachleySmithLaw PLLC1989 Family Law
Mr. Eric D. BealBEAL LAW FIRM, PLLC2011 Family Law
Mr. Gregory Sinclair BeaneVernerBrumley, P.C.2012 Family Law
Ms. Mary Ann BeatyMary Ann Beaty, PC2007 Family Law
Ms. Becky Ann BeaverLaw Office of Becky Beaver1983 Family Law
Mr. Keith D. BeckerAttorney1998 Family Law
Mr. Scott J. BeckerMcCathern, PLLC2014 Family Law
Mr. Sydney Aaron Beckman1996 Family Law
Ms. Renee Beilue2001 Family Law
Ms. Anne T. BeleticAnne T. Beletic Law Office1990 Family Law
Ms. Alma Rivera BenavidesLaw Office of Alma R. Benavides2011 Family Law
Mr. Steven C. Benke, IVLaw offices of Steven C Benke2009 Family Law
Ms. Patricia Baca Bennett360TH Judicial District Court2013 Family Law
Ms. Paula Ann BennettOrsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP2015 Family Law
Ms. Catherine BenouisBenouis Law Ltd, LLP1998 Family Law
Ms. Angelann Jackson BerbarieGoransonBain Ausley2010 Family Law
Mr. Bruce L. BeverlyThe Decker Law Firm, P.C.2001 Family Law
Mr. Neil Todd BeyerBeyer Law PC2013 Family Law
Mr. George R. BienfangBohach Law Group2000 Family Law
Mr. David W. BilesLaw offices of David W. Biles, PC1990 Family Law
Ms. Kathleen J. BlackLaw Office of Kathy Black2012 Family Law
Ms. Kristen Aldridge Black2016 Family Law
Ms. Audrey Jane Blair2010 Family Law
Ms. Judith BlanchardLaw Offices of Judith E. Blanchard, P.C.2000 Family Law
Mr. Hunter Morgan BlandThe Wright Firm, LLP2018 Family Law
Mr. Kenneth E. BlassingameKenneth E Blassingame1976 Family Law
Mr. William Douglas Bloodworth, IIBloodworth Law Firm, PLLC2017 Family Law
Ms. Sara Elizabeth BloomeSara Bloome PC2013 Family Law
Ms. Erin Michelle BogdanowiczBogdanowicz PLLC2013 Family Law
Mr. Michael Bogenschutz1989 Family Law
Ms. Leslie Jean BollierBollier Ciccone, LLP2015 Family Law
Ms. Ruby Kathleen BoltonThe Bolton Law Firm, PC2017 Family Law
Mr. Martin Hugh Boozer, Jr.Law Offices of Martin H. Boozer1998 Family Law
Ms. Duana Jenise Boswell-LoechelBoswell Law Firm, PLLC2015 Family Law
Ms. Martha Bourne1987 Family Law
Mr. David S. Bouschor, IILaw Office of David Bouschor II PC1997 Family Law
Ms. Erin Kathleen BowdenLegal Aid of Northwest Texas2011 Family Law
Ms. Chrysandra Sue Jones BowenNavarrette | Bowen, P.C.2016 Family Law
Mr. Charles F. BowesColdwell Bowes, L.L.P.2005 Family Law
Laci Sue BowmanGodwin Bowman PC2013 Family Law
Mrs. Charla H. BradshawKoons Fuller, P.C.2000 Family Law
Ms. Elizabeth Durso BranchThe Branch Law Firm, PLLC2006 Family Law
Mr. Jay Robert BrandonBexar County District Attorney2008 Family Law
Mr. Kenneth D. BrazleLaw Firm Of Kenneth D. Brazle1991 Family Law
Mr. Maurice Bresenhan, Jr.Zukowski, Bresenhan & Piazza, LLP1977 Family Law
Ms. Marie H. BrinerAtkins O'Toole & Briner, L.L.C.2015 Family Law
Mr. Clinton Carlton BrownGray Reed & McGraw2013 Family Law
Mr. Marshall Davis Brown, Jr.Law Offices of Marshall Davis Brown, Jr.1986 Family Law
Ms. Patricia Lynne BrownPatricia L Brown & Associates2015 Family Law
Mr. Scott Michael BrownScott M. Brown & Associates2015 Family Law
Mr. W. K. Bo BrownLaw Office of W.K. Bo Brown1993 Family Law
Ms. Janet BrumleyVerner Brumley Mueller Parker1994 Family Law
Mr. Paul H. BrumleyVernerBrumley1996 Family Law
Mr. Steven Walter BrunemanBrunemanLaw, PC2000 Family Law
Ms. Allyson Nass Brupbacher2005 Family Law
Mr. Jerry BucknerCounty Court at Law #11982 Family Law
Ms. Ann Elaine BuonocoreAnn E. Buonocore, PC2004 Family Law
Ms. Wendy S. BurgowerBurgower Law, L.L.P.1985 Family Law
Mr. Michael Leonard Ray BurnettBurnettTurner2011 Family Law
Ms. Kelly Lynn BurrisCordell & Cordell, P.C.2007 Family Law
Mr. Dale A. BurrowsBurrows Law Group2001 Family Law
Ms. Rebecca L. Burtner1998 Family Law
Mr. Michael Glynn Busby, Jr.Busby And Associates P.C.2016 Family Law
Ms. Rebecca Lynn CalabriaCalabria & Calabria1987 Family Law
Ms. Tena Toye CallahanSenior Judge2012 Family Law
Ms. Jacqueline Diane CannonCoker, Robb & Cannon PC2015 Family Law
Ms. Lennea Michelle CannonHendershot Cannon & Hisey, P.C.2014 Family Law
Ms. JoAl Cannon SheridanSheridan Family Law PLLC2008 Family Law
Ms. Kelly J CappsCapps Law Firm, PLLC2008 Family Law
Mr. David CarlockCARLOCK & GORMLEY1978 Family Law
Ms. Rebecca Janice CarrilloThe Law Office of Rebecca J. Carrillo2016 Family Law
Sonya Raquel CarrilloSonya R. Carrillo, PLLC - Family Law2016 Family Law
Ms. Patricia Nellenbach CarterCarter Morris, LLP2006 Family Law
Mr. David Mark CashionMedina County Court at Law Judge1995 Family Law
Mr. Larry A. CatlinLarry A Catlin Attorney at Law1991 Family Law
Mr. Nick A. Catoe, Jr.Office of Court Administration, Bexar County2014 Family Law
Judge Crawford R. Catterton1981 Family Law
Mr. Lawrence M. Chamberlin, Sr.Chamberlin Law & Mediation2002 Family Law
Mr. Benjamin R. ChappellBray Chappell Patterson & Olsen Inc1989 Family Law
Ms. Robbie Gail CharetteLaw Office of Robbie Gail Charette2011 Family Law
Mr. Michael Christian ChildsFullenweider Wilhite2001 Family Law
Judge Martin J. Chiuminatto, Jr.1988 Family Law
Mr. Patrick James ClabbyNunneley Family Law2016 Family Law
Ms. Cynthia L. ClackCynthia L. Clack Law Offices1987 Family Law
Ms. Carole W. ClarkRetired1993 Family Law
Mr. Robert S. ClarkThe Clark Law Firm, P.C.2001 Family Law
Mr. James R. ClaunchThe Claunch Law Firm1979 Family Law
Ms. Loretta Lee ClemensLee Clemens. Attorney/Mediator1982 Family Law
Mr. George M. CliftonGeorge M. Clifton, P.C.2001 Family Law
Ms. Roxie Williams CluckRoxie W. Cluck, Attorney At Law1998 Family Law
Kathleen Debra CobleCoble Law and Mediation, PLLC2010 Family Law
Mr. Mark Stephen CochranMark Cochran Attorney At Law1990 Family Law
Ms. Anne Marie CoferCofer & Cofer, Inc.1996 Family Law
Mr. Dan Cleo CoffeyCoffey & Peace P.C.1993 Family Law
Ms. Sonya B. CoffmanTHE COFFMAN LAW FIRM2010 Family Law
Mr. Duane L. CokerCokerLegal2011 Family Law
Mr. Warren ColeThe Law Office Of Warren Cole1982 Family Law
Mr. Sam David CollettiNoelke Maples St. Leger Bryant, LLP2013 Family Law
Ms. Carolyn L. Collins1990 Family Law
Hayley Ballin CollinsGoransonBain Ausley2018 Family Law
Ms. Aubrey Meachum ConnatserConnatser Family Law2006 Family Law
Mr. Coye Conner, Jr.1982 Family Law
Mr. Thomas Reaves Conner19481980 Family Law
Mr. William B. ConnollyConnolly & Shireman LLP2004 Family Law
Mr. David Lee CookHarris Cook, L.L.P.2008 Family Law
Ms. Ann Eileen CooverCooverandcoover coover1986 Family Law
Mr. Daniel A. CorbinCorbin & Associates1996 Family Law
Mr. Luis Javier Corona2004 Family Law
Mr. Richard Porter Corrigan, IIOrsinger, Nelson, Downing, & Anderson, LLP2017 Family Law
Ms. Sherri L. CothrunSherri L Cothrun PC1997 Family Law
Judge Suzanne Covington1990 Family Law
Ms. Julie Pruett CrawfordKoons Fuller2003 Family Law
Mr. Robin Clyde CrowKing Law Firm1989 Family Law
Ms. Monica Macias CruzCruz Family Law P.C.2014 Family Law
Ms. Mary S. CunninghamTexas Association of Counties2000 Family Law
Ms. Dessiray W. CusicTHE CUSIC LAW FIRM, P.C.2014 Family Law
Ms. Katie Ann CusterFullenweider Wilhite2013 Family Law
Ms. Anita Krosby CutrerAnita K. Cutrer Attorney at Law, PLLC2014 Family Law
Ms. Laura June Dyke DaleLaura Dale & Associates, P.C.2006 Family Law
Ms. Justine M. DalyLaw Offices of Justine M. Daly2002 Family Law
Ms. Sarah A. DarnellKoonsFuller, P.C.2012 Family Law
Mr. Kevin R. DavidsonGray Reed & McGraw, P.C.2017 Family Law
Ms. Charla Deviney DaviesLangley & Banack, Inc.2017 Family Law
Mr. Edward A. Davis, IIILaw Office of Ed Davis1993 Family Law
Mr. Edwin W. DavisEdwin W. Davis, PC1989 Family Law
Ms. Pamela Foster DavisPDF LAW2008 Family Law
Mr. Terence Michael DavisDavis Law Firm2014 Family Law
Ms. Kimberly Robertson Dawson2002 Family Law
Mr. Conrad DayConrad Day1999 Family Law
Mr. Guillermo De La GarzaBill De La Garza & Associates1980 Family Law
Ms. Leigh Vance De La RezaNoelke Maples St. Leger Bryant LLP2013 Family Law
Mr. Michael R. DebruinConnatser Family Law, PLLC1990 Family Law
Ms. Kelly West DeckerDecker Poole, PLLC2016 Family Law
Ms. Betty DentonDenton Law Office1983 Family Law
Ms. Candice Brown DeyerleKirker Davis LLP2016 Family Law
Ms. Jane Freeman DeyesoLaw Office Of Jane Freeman Deyeso1986 Family Law
Mr. Adam Wyatt DietrichJenkins & Kamin, LLP2016 Family Law
Ms. Cynthia Thomson DiggsHolmes, Diggs & Sadler2008 Family Law
Mr. Jon R. DisrudLaw Office of Jon R. Disrud2011 Family Law
Mr. Jeff Vincent DomenGoransonBain Ausley2009 Family Law
Mr. William Bronson DoonanLaw Offices of William B. Doonan2014 Family Law
Mr. Randall Scott DowningOrisinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP1999 Family Law
Ms. Holly Joy DraperThe Draper Law Firm, P.C.2016 Family Law
Ms. Kacy L. DudleyDudley Law, PLLC2018 Family Law
Mr. William A. DudleyLaw Office of William A Dudley PC1991 Family Law
Judge D. Camille Dunn1977 Family Law
Ms. Cynthia Dunn RaibournQuilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser,2001 Family Law
Mr. Clyde Vance DunnamDunnam & Dunnam LLP1978 Family Law
Mr. James R. DunnamDUNNAM & DUNNAM, LLP1995 Family Law
Ms. Shelly Whatley DurhamLaw Office of Shelly W. Durham, P.C.2011 Family Law
Ms. Lauren Fornea DursoSlate & Associates2008 Family Law
Mr. William C. DvorakWilliam C. Dvorak P.C.2013 Family Law
Mr. Robert N. EamesAttorney at Law1983 Family Law
Mr. John Terrence EckRobert T. Stites, Attorney at Law, P.C.2004 Family Law
Ms. Susan Marie EdmonsonEdmonson Law2002 Family Law
Mr. Galen B. Edwards1989 Family Law
Mr. Jack EfronEfron & Efron1976 Family Law
Ms. Carmen E. EikerCarrington Coleman Sloman Blumenthal, LLP1990 Family Law
Mr. Scott Richard EllisScott R Ellis Attorney at Law2004 Family Law
Judge Don Rexford Emerson1979 Family Law
Ms. Sally Holt Emerson1991 Family Law
Mr. Jack Harold Emmott, IIIGray Reed & McGraw1982 Family Law
Mr. David Townsend EmoryHigdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P.2013 Family Law
Ms. Angela Pence EnglandTindall England PC2000 Family Law
Mr. Greg EnosThe Enos Law Firm, PC2000 Family Law
Ms. Jennifer Michelle EnrightJennifer M. Enright, Attorney at Law2016 Family Law
Mr. Robert Dustin EpsteinMcClure Law Group, PC2014 Family Law
Mr. Ronald Keith EspositoRonald K Esposito and Associates1995 Family Law
Mr. James W. EvansEvans Family Law2010 Family Law
Ms. Sherri Ann EvansKoonsFuller, P.C.1998 Family Law
Ms. Thea Marie FabioFabio & Merrill2005 Family Law
Mr. Milton I. FaginAttorney At Law1979 Family Law
Mr. Joe Falco, IIIFALCO & FALCO1995 Family Law
Christopher Michael FarishQuaid Farish, LLC2013 Family Law
Judge David D. FarrFarr Mediation Services2004 Family Law
Ms. Emily A. FisherEmily A. Fisher, P.L.L.C.1992 Family Law
Ms. Kathryn Elizabeth FlowersGoransonBain Ausley, PLLC2018 Family Law
Ms. Melanie Wilcox FlowersFlowers Firm, P.C.2011 Family Law
Ms. Abby Michelle Schroeder FosterVerner Brumley Mueller Parker, P.C.2017 Family Law
Ms. Dawn E. FowlerDawn E. Fowler, P.C.1995 Family Law
Ms. Margo Ahern FoxFox Law2010 Family Law
Mr. Todd Maas FrankfortLaw Office of Todd M. Frankfort2007 Family Law
Mr. Jon Michael FranksBailey & Galyen1976 Family Law
Mr. Robert Carl FrazerGoransonBain Ausley2017 Family Law
Mr. Bobby L. FreemanThe Freeman Law Firm1982 Family Law
Mr. Frank E. Freeman2002 Family Law
Mr. Jonathan Philip FridayFriday Milner Lambert Turner, PLLC2009 Family Law
Mr. Philip C. Friday, Jr.Friday, Milner, Lambert & Turner1975 Family Law
Ms. Diana S. FriedmanGoransonBain Ausley1996 Family Law
Mr. Ivan Matthew FriedmanLaw Offices of Ivan Friedman2015 Family Law
Ms. Kelly L. FritschKelly L. Fritsch, P.C.2014 Family Law
Kimberly FrostKim Frost Attorney at Law PLLC2010 Family Law
Mr. James A. FryJames A. Fry Professional Corporation1993 Family Law
Mr. James Val FulcherJames V. Fulcher, PLLC1987 Family Law
Mr. Donn C. FullenweiderFullenweider Wilhite1975 Family Law
Mr. Kevin Rice FullerFuller Mediations1989 Family Law
Ms. Sharla Jane FullerFuller Mediations2001 Family Law
Judge Eileen Marie GaffneyHarris County, Texas2010 Family Law
Mr. Stewart W. GagnonNorton Rose Fulbright, LLP Us1981 Family Law
Judge Harold C. Gaither, Jr.Assigned Judge1983 Family Law
Ms. Rebecca Louise GalvanLaw Office Of Rebecca L Galvan PC1992 Family Law
Ms. Kathleene Dennise Garcia303rd Judicial District Court2000 Family Law
Mr. Lawrence L. GarciaLawrence L. Garcia & Associate1988 Family Law
Mr. Richard GarciaAssociate Judge1984 Family Law
Mr. Danny Carl GarnerVerner Brumley Mueller Parker1998 Family Law
Ms. Neda Andria GarrettKoonsFuller, P.C.2017 Family Law
Ms. Lisa Gayle GarzaLisa G. Garza, P.C.1996 Family Law
Ms. Paula Jean GausLaw Office of Paula J. Gaus2001 Family Law
Mr. John F. GayGay & Reitz1983 Family Law
Mr. Michael P. GearyGeary Porter & Donovan PC1985 Family Law
Ms. Amy Kaye GehmLaw Office Of Amy K Gehm, LLC2002 Family Law
Ms. Kathryn Geiger1992 Family Law
Ms. Amy Ann GeistweidtHigdon Hardy & Zuflacht2001 Family Law
Mr. John A. George1978 Family Law
Ms. Pamela E. GeorgeSouth Texas College of Law1983 Family Law
Judge Tracy A. Gilbert2007 Family Law
Mr. James Scott GilbreathWalters Gilbreath, PLLC2014 Family Law
Ms. Sharon E. GiraudLaw Office of Sharon E. Giraud, PLLC1996 Family Law
Ms. Shari GoldsberryGoldsberry & Associates, PLLC2017 Family Law
Ms. Elizabeth L. GonzalesElizzabeth L. Gonzales, Attorney at Law1991 Family Law
Mr. Thomas P. GoransonGoranson Bain Ausley, PLLC1980 Family Law
Ms. Faye GordonLaw office of Faye Gordon2015 Family Law
Mr. Blaise M. GormleyCarlock & Gormley2015 Family Law
Mr. Robert J. GradelRobert Gradel2001 Family Law
Ms. Cynthia Barela GrahamAttorney At Law2002 Family Law
Judge Brenda Garrett GreenRetired1990 Family Law
Ms. Janice Loy GreenFarris & Green1985 Family Law
Mr. L. A. (al) Greene, Jr.Law Office1975 Family Law
Ms. Liza Alice GreeneLaura Dale & Associates, P.C.1994 Family Law
Mr. David Greenfield1975 Family Law
Mr. Thomas Albert GreenwaldGoransonBain Ausley1997 Family Law
Mr. David Michael GregoryMr.1976 Family Law
Ms. Jennifer Lynn GrinkeAlbin Law Group2017 Family Law
Mr. Carl O. GunnstaksGunnstaks Law Office1996 Family Law
Ms. Shailey Gupta-BrietzkeCarter Morris L.L.P.2014 Family Law
Mr. Arturo A. GuzmanThe Law Office of Art Guzman, P.C.2017 Family Law
Mr. Micah C. HadenLaw Office of Micah C. Haden2015 Family Law
Ms. Tiffany L. Haertling442nd District Court2006 Family Law
Ms. Catherine Herrington HaleThe Herrington Law Firm, PC2017 Family Law
Ms. Sue McCoy Hall1980 Family Law
Mr. Larry HanceHance Law Group, PC1985 Family Law
Mr. James R. HandyHandy & Morgan1975 Family Law
Mr. Christopher Jay HardingSullivan & Cook, LLC2015 Family Law
Mr. Barry Joseph Hards1987 Family Law
Mr. Charles Emmerich HardyHigdon Hardy & Zuflacht LLP1989 Family Law
Ms. Per Ann Hardy1996 Family Law
Mr. Gary D. HargerHarger Mediation Services2005 Family Law
Ms. Jennifer Stanton HargraveJennifer S. Hargrave, P.C.2011 Family Law
Ms. Merrilee L. HarmonDunnam & Dunnam, L.L.P.1985 Family Law
Ms. Amy Rayann HarrisThe Law Office of Amy R. Harris, PLLC2011 Family Law
Mr. Christopher Paul HarrisHarris & Schroeder, P.L.L.C.2015 Family Law
Judge Frances Ann HarrisHarris Solutions1981 Family Law
Mr. Harry Baxter Harris, IIIThe Harris Law Firm2014 Family Law
Mr. Curtis W. Harrison, IIGoranson Bain Ausley, PLLC2002 Family Law
Ms. Ronnie HarrisonHarrison Law Office, P.C.1986 Family Law
Ms. Demaris A. HartLangdon Davis1993 Family Law
Mr. Thomas L. Hartsell, Jr.1985 Family Law
Mr. Alan Craig HastonThe Haston Law Firm, P.C.1999 Family Law
Judge J. Andrew HathcockDistrict Courts of Travis County1990 Family Law
Judge Michael Tabor Hay1987 Family Law
Ms. Laura Suzanne HayesKoons Fuller, P.C.2017 Family Law
Mr. Karl E. Hays1996 Family Law
Ms. Sharon Jevert HemphillSharon Hemphill & Associates2015 Family Law
Mr. Kevin Dan Henderson2002 Family Law
Mr. Van H. Hendrix1983 Family Law
Mr. James C. Henry, IIIAttorney at Law1984 Family Law
Ms. Julia Anne HenryGeary Porter & Donovan L.L.C.2007 Family Law
Mr. William Henry428th District Court2015 Family Law
Ms. Debra S. HerndonLaura Dale & Associates, PC2012 Family Law
Ms. Sara A. Herrmann1996 Family Law
Mr. Daniel Paul HewettOrsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson2008 Family Law
Mr. Jere Hayes HightO'Neil Wysocki PC2016 Family Law
Mr. John Kermit HillVerner Brumley Mueller Parker, PC2014 Family Law
Mr. Tom Edwards Hill1980 Family Law
Mr. Michael Andrew HillerHiller Law Firm1998 Family Law
Ms. Linda Ann HindsHinds law PLLC1998 Family Law
Mr. Jeffrey Hinkley1990 Family Law
Mr. Reginald A. HirschLaw Office of Reginald A Hirsch1979 Family Law
Mr. Gregory Paul HittLAW OFFICE OF GREGORY HITT2008 Family Law
Ms. Lori Chrisman HockettHockett Mediation1996 Family Law
Mr. Charles R. HodgesAttorney1989 Family Law
Ms. Courtney Ann HoffLaw Offices of Joel A. Nass2012 Family Law
Mr. Robert S. HoffmanLaw Office of Robert S. Hoffman, P.L.L.C1991 Family Law
Mr. David Lewis HoffmannQuilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser,2013 Family Law
Ms. Christina Gail HollwarthThe Hollwarth Law Firm, PLLC2018 Family Law
Mr. Charles Brandon HolubarGonzalez Castillo, LLP2015 Family Law
Ms. Leslie Martin HopeHope Family Law2004 Family Law
Ms. Lisa Kaye HoppesHoppes & Cutrer, LLC2014 Family Law
Ms. Janiece E. HornJaniece Horn, Attorney/Mediator1991 Family Law
Mr. David Payne Housel, Jr.Law Office of Scott H. Palmer, PC2004 Family Law
Mr. Gregory Lee HousewirthSchreier & Housewirth2003 Family Law
Ms. Bonnie Nicole HudmanLaw Office of Nikki Hudman2016 Family Law
Ms. Heather Martin HughesLaw of Office Heather M Hughes2001 Family Law
Ms. Karen Gray HughesKaren G. Hughes Attorney at Law, P.C.1986 Family Law
Mr. Richard D. HughesBradley & Steele, PLLC1992 Family Law
Ms. Leslie D. HumeNone -- retired1991 Family Law
Ms. Rhonda F. HunterLaw Office of Rhonda Hunter1988 Family Law
Mr. Alfred Darrell HyattHyatt & Hyatt, PLLC1997 Family Law
Ms. Stephanie ImbrieImbrie Law Firm2009 Family Law
Ms. Taylor Toombs ImelKoonsFuller, P.C.2017 Family Law
Mr. Joseph Indelicato, Jr.Joseph Indelicato, Jr., P.C.1993 Family Law
Mr. Craig A. JacksonLaw Office of Craig Jackson, PLLC2004 Family Law
Mr. Earl N. JacksonThe Jackson Law Group, PLLC2006 Family Law
Ms. Golda R. JacobGolda R. Jacob and Associates, P.C.2010 Family Law
Ms. Andrea Lopes JamesAssociate Judge - 2nd Region Child Protection2012 Family Law
Ms. Carrie Lynn Strzelczyk JamesLangley & Banack, Inc.2016 Family Law
Ms. Jessica Hall JanicekKoonsFuller, PC2014 Family Law
Mr. Michael E. Jarrett1994 Family Law
Mr. James L. JarvisLaw Office of Jim Jarvis1994 Family Law
Ms. Joan Foote JenkinsJenkins & Kamin, LLP1987 Family Law
Ms. Christina Marie JimenezJimenez Law Firm, P.C.2017 Family Law
Cade Aaron JobeBurnettTurner2017 Family Law
Ms. Jody L. JohnsonJody Lynn Johnson, PC1988 Family Law
Ms. Sheryl B. Johnson-Todd1978 Family Law
Ms. Allison Hughes JonesLockwood & Jones, P.L.L.C.1991 Family Law
Ms. Derbha Ann Houston JonesLaw Office of Derbha H. Jones, PLLC2013 Family Law
Mr. James Dearing JonesLaw Office of James D Jones1992 Family Law
Ms. Tamika Lashun Jones AbendrothLisa E. McKnight, P.C.2012 Family Law
Ms. Christine K. JonteChristine K. Jonte' & Associates1987 Family Law
Ms. Lanette S. JoubertJoubert1984 Family Law
Ms. Latrelle Bright Joy1993 Family Law
Mr. Jared Wayne JulianThe Julian Firm, PC2017 Family Law
Mr. Jeffrey N. Kaitcer322 District Court1993 Family Law
Ms. Lynn KaminJenkins & Kamin1993 Family Law
Ms. Hillery Rappoport KaplanNoelke Maples St Leger Bryant LLP2016 Family Law
Mr. David A. KazenLaw Office of David A. Kazen2006 Family Law
Ms. Brenda D KeenBrenda Keen Law PLLC1981 Family Law
Mr. Dennis Brian Kelly1980 Family Law
Mr. William J. KellyLaw offices of William J. Kelly1991 Family Law
Mr. Nathan Lee KennedyGrayBecker2013 Family Law
Ms. Rebecca Menduni KennedyBurnettTurner2007 Family Law
Ms. Lori Marie Waguespack KernKern Law, PLLC2015 Family Law
Judge Robert J. KernSenior District -Judge1975 Family Law
Jamie Matthew KerrPowers & Kerr, PLLC2018 Family Law
Mr. Bruce S. KesslerKessler Family Law Mediation1994 Family Law
Ms. Aimee Pingenot KeyGoransonBain Ausley2012 Family Law
Ms. Tiffani Lohmann KilgoreLegal Aid of Northwest Texas2013 Family Law
Ms. Heather Leah KingKoonsFuller2000 Family Law
Mr. J. Steven KingKING FIRM1988 Family Law
Mr. John Robert KingKingLawFirm1975 Family Law
Ms. Katherine Anne KinserKinser & Bates, L.L.P.1989 Family Law
Ms. Beth Anne KleinLaw Office of Beth A. Klein, P.C.2011 Family Law
Ms. Katie Pearson KleinDale & Klein. llp1987 Family Law
Ms. Robin Wood KleinStacey Valdez & Associates2015 Family Law
Ms. Lynn KnauppMarek, Griffin & Knaupp1989 Family Law
Mr. Gary Alan KollmeierLaw Office of Gary A. Kollmeier2000 Family Law
Mr. Paul J. KubinskiKubinski & Associates, P.C.1988 Family Law
Mr. Robert C. KuehmThe Kuehm Law Firm PLLC1993 Family Law
Mr. David Terrell KuleszLandrith & Kulesz LLP1990 Family Law
Mr. Eric Stephen LafleurLaFleur Law Firm, P.C.2017 Family Law
Mr. Christopher Martin LakeWilson & Lake, PLLC2003 Family Law
Ms. Betsy Figer LambethJudge, 425th District Court2016 Family Law
Mr. Brad M. LamorgeseOrsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson LLP2001 Family Law
Ms. Michelle Sorokwasz LanfearLanfear & Associates2013 Family Law
Ms. Paula LarsenGoranson Bain PLLC1985 Family Law
Mr. John E. LawhonJohn Lawhon, Attorney1978 Family Law
Mr. Clinton Fancher LawsonThe Law Office of Clinton F. Lawson2004 Family Law
Ms. Christine Powers LeatherberryAubrey M. Connatser, PLLC d/b/a Connatser Fam2018 Family Law
Tomekia Lakiesha Lee-ChaneyCordell & Cordell, A Domestic Litigation Firm2017 Family Law
Ms. Kristina Voorhies LeganKristina Voorhies Legan PLLC1998 Family Law
Ms. Michelle Burrough LehmkuhlMichelle Lehmkuhl, Attorney at Law2016 Family Law
Judge Alyssa P. LemkuilAlyssa Lemkuil Mediation2017 Family Law
Mr. Daniel Jake LemkuilThe Law Office of Daniel J. Lemkuil2000 Family Law
Mr. Robert W. Leonard, Jr.Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC2008 Family Law
Mr. Gene Alexander LeposkiBailey & Galyen Attorneys At Law2011 Family Law
Ms. Katherine Lea LewisKatie L. Lewis, P.C. Family Law2012 Family Law
Mr. Kyle Richard LewisMoore Lewis Russwurm PC1991 Family Law
Ms. Marilea Whatley LewisDuffee+Eitzen LLP1996 Family Law
Mr. Mark LewisLewis & Passons, P.C.1997 Family Law
Mr. Robert L. LewisRobert L Lewis PC2002 Family Law
Mr. Thomas Hunter LewisDuffee + Eitzen Law Firm2016 Family Law
Mr. William T. LiddellShortt & Nguyen PC1986 Family Law
Mr. Steven Paul LindamoodLindamood & Robinson, P.C.2000 Family Law
Mr. Gerald A. Linder1980 Family Law
Mr. Barrett Philip LindsayLindsay, Lindsay & Parsons2016 Family Law
Ms. Adrienne Marie LivseyCounty Court At Law Number Three2015 Family Law
Tristan Harris LonginoJudge for 245th Family District Court2017 Family Law
Ms. Jo Chris G. LopezLangley & Banack, Inc.1989 Family Law
Mr. Brian Scott LoughmillerLoughmiller Higgins P.C.1993 Family Law
Mr. Curtis Marvin LovelessLoveless & Loveless, Attorneys at Law, L.P.1975 Family Law
Ms. Darcy Elizabeth LovelessLoveless & Loveless Attorneys at Law, L.P.2004 Family Law
Mr. James M. LovelessLoveless-law1980 Family Law
Mr. Lon Michael LovelessOrsinger Nelson Downing & Anderson, LLP2011 Family Law
Mr. Stephen F. LuceLuce Law Firm1990 Family Law
Mr. Gregory E. LuciaLaw Offices of Gregory E. Lucia1992 Family Law
Ms. Julie Ann Lightfoot LucioThe Lucio Law Firm2012 Family Law
Mr. Ernest Craig LuskLusk & Evans2005 Family Law
Mr. Robert Bruce LutherLaw Offices of Robert B Luther, P.C.1999 Family Law
Lindsay Shannon LutterbieZimmermanLutterbie, LLP2018 Family Law
Mr. Walter P. Mahoney, Jr.Law Office Of Walter P. Mahoney, Jr.1993 Family Law
Judge Julia Argelia MaldonadoSenior Judge - 507th District Court2012 Family Law
Ms. Dana Floyd ManryKoonsFuller, PC2016 Family Law
Ms. Rebecca J. ManuelPalmer & Manuel, PllC2000 Family Law
Mr. Keith D. MaplesNoelke Maples St. Leger Bryant, LLP1997 Family Law
Ms. Laura Elizabeth Klei MarburgerLaura Marburger, P.C.2017 Family Law
Judge Sandee Bryan MarionCadena-Reeves Justice Center1988 Family Law
Mr. Jackie Wayne MarrJudge, 24th Judcial District Court1983 Family Law
Mr. Larry L. MartinGeary Porter & Donavan PC1996 Family Law
Ms. Kay MartinezLaw Office of Kay Martinez, P.C.1982 Family Law
Ms. Karen L. MarvelMarvel & Wong, PLLC2008 Family Law
Mr. Robert Jensen MatlockWoods & Matlock, PC1979 Family Law
Ms. Aglaia Dixie MauzyDixie & Mauzy, L.L.P.1978 Family Law
Ms. Catherine A. Mauzy419th District Court1998 Family Law
Ms. Marjorie Ann MaxwellLaura Dale & Associates, P.C.2014 Family Law
Mr. Marc R. MayMay & May, P.C.1986 Family Law
Ms. Karin Denise MayerLaw Office of Karin D. Mayer2008 Family Law
Robert Stephen McAngusVerner Brumley Mueller Parker, P.C.2018 Family Law
Mr. Richard V. McCall1981 Family Law
Ms. Jarrie D. McCartyMcCarty & McCarty1984 Family Law
Chief Justice Ann Crawford McClureEighth Court Of Appeals1984 Family Law
Mr. David R. McClureDAVID R. MCCLURE, ATTORNEY AT LAW1981 Family Law
Ms. Kelly Gaffney McClureMcClure Law Group, PC1995 Family Law
Ms. Kate McConnicoThe McConnico Law Firm, PLLC2007 Family Law
Ms. Piper McCraw469th Judicial District Court2018 Family Law
Ms. Janet McCullarLaw Office of Janet McCullar, PC1998 Family Law
Mrs. Paula Dell McCullochLaw Office of Paula McCulloch1978 Family Law
Mr. Carl Michael McCurleyShackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton LLP1982 Family Law
Ms. Mary Johanna McCurleyShackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton LLP1984 Family Law
Ms. Patrice McDonaldMontgomery County Court Of Law 31987 Family Law
Ms. Ashley Watkins McDowellTurner McDowell, PLLC2011 Family Law
Mr. Robert James McEwanKoonsFuller, P.C.2013 Family Law
Mr. Robert Shane McFarland2004 Family Law
Mr. Christopher Scott McHamMcHam Law2013 Family Law
Ms. Anna Marie Warren McKimField Manning Stone Hawthorne & Aycock2007 Family Law
Ms. Lisa E. McKnightLisa E McKnight PC1998 Family Law
Ms. Mary Dixon McKnightLaw Office of Mary D. McKnight, P.C.1981 Family Law
Ms. Linda Meekins McLainLinda Meekins McLain PC1996 Family Law
Ms. Susan Fae McLerranFullenweider Wilhite PC2010 Family Law
Ms. Jane Ashley Myrick McMillanMcMillan Law Office2004 Family Law
Ms. Mary Evelyn McNamaraRivers McNamara, PLLC2009 Family Law
Mr. William E. McNamara, IIIMcNamara Law2006 Family Law
Ms. Elizabeth Jo McShanLaw Office of Jodi McShan, PLLC2016 Family Law
Mr. John Vincent McShane, Jr.John V. McShane, P.C.1981 Family Law
Ms. Bianca Alexandria MedinaLaw Office of Bianca A. Medina-Rodriguez2016 Family Law
Mr. Mark L. MedleyMark L Medley Attorney at Law, PC1994 Family Law
Ms. Claire Karlene MehaffeyMehaffey & Watson2016 Family Law
Ms. Lauren Elaine MelhartKinser & Bates, LLP2014 Family Law
Mr. Jerry W. MeltonJerry W. Melton, Attorney at Law1976 Family Law
Ms. Tracey Coker Mendelovitz2002 Family Law
Mr. H. E. Mendez1987 Family Law
Mr. Michael L. MeripolskiLegal Aid of Northwest Texas1995 Family Law
Mr. Christopher C. MerrittMerritt Law2001 Family Law
Mr. Christopher Alan MeuseKoonsFuller, P.C.2016 Family Law
Mr. Paul James Meyer, Jr.McLennan County Courthouse1979 Family Law
Mr. Charles J. MichaelLaw Offices of Charles J. Michael, P.C.1975 Family Law
Mr. Bradley Joseph MichelsenThe Wright Firm, L.L.P.2017 Family Law
Mr. Charles E. Miller, Jr.Charles E. Miller, Jr.1987 Family Law
Mr. Jevon Scott MilnerFriday Milner Lambert Turner PLLC2010 Family Law
Mr. Joe D. MilnerFriday Milner Lambert Turner, PLLC1979 Family Law
Ms. S. Camille MilnerS. Camille Milner, P.C.2001 Family Law
Ms. Constance Ann Beaman MimsBeal Law Firm, PLLC2013 Family Law
Mr. C. Jeff MinorSemko & Minor, P.C.1988 Family Law
Ms. Emily Ann Miskel470th District Court2013 Family Law
Ms. Dori Elizabeth Ray MisticMistic Law Office1998 Family Law
Mr. Ebb Bailey Mobley, III1976 Family Law
Ms. Taylor Michelle MohrOrsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson2018 Family Law
Ms. Christina Molitor-MonreaLaw Offices of Christina Molitor, P.C.2000 Family Law
Mr. Harry Nelson MonckOffice of The Attorney General1989 Family Law
Mr. James Edward MonnigLaw Office Of James E. Monning1978 Family Law
Ms. Amy Nairn MontgomeryReitzer, Loudin & Montgomery, PC2015 Family Law
Ms. Tammy Simien MoonThe Simien Moon Law Firm2010 Family Law
Ms. Charla F. MooreMoore Family Law Firm1997 Family Law
Ms. Jennifer Wiggins MooreScott M. Brown & Associates2011 Family Law
Judge Royal Lott MooreMoore, Vlahakos & Sydow, PLLC2001 Family Law
Mr. Shannon Taylor MooreMeier Bradicich & Moore, L.L.P.2011 Family Law
Mr. William Tyler Moore, Jr.W. Tyler Moore, P.C.1989 Family Law
Mr. Scott MorganMorgan Law Firm2006 Family Law
Justin MorleyLangley & Banack, Inc.2013 Family Law
Mr. Adam Joel MorrisCarter Morris, LLP2007 Family Law
Mr. Mark Kevin Morris1997 Family Law
Mr. William W. MorrisGray Reed & McGraw, LLP1986 Family Law
Ms. Rachel MoyleStinson Moyle2010 Family Law
Mr. James Norbert MuellerVerner Brumley Mueller Parker P.C.2012 Family Law
Ms. Paulette MuellerUnderwood Perkins2011 Family Law
Ms. Brenda Gayl Mullinix2005 Family Law
Mr. James Benjamin Munford322nd District Judge1989 Family Law
Mr. Peter Kerr MunsonMunson Munson Cardwell, Tillett & Brown, PC1981 Family Law
Ms. Kathryn J. MurphyGoransonBain Ausley1995 Family Law
Mr. Charles Dean MyersWard & Myers LLP2016 Family Law
Ms. Susan MyresMyres & Associates PLLC1988 Family Law
Mr. Joel A. NassLaw offices of Joel A. Nass, PC1987 Family Law
Ms. Elahe Parsa NatenbergFullenweider Wilhite2017 Family Law
Mr. Eric Anthony NavarretteNavarrette | Bowen, P.C.2013 Family Law
Ms. Kimberly Marie NaylorNaylor & Naylor, P.L.L.C.2015 Family Law
Mr. Stephen J. NaylorNaylor & Naylor PLLC2006 Family Law
Mr. Robertson NealRobertson Neal Attorney at Law2011 Family Law
Mr. William F. NealNeal Ashmore Family Law Group1993 Family Law
Mr. Danny M. NeedhamMullin Hoard Brown LLP1986 Family Law
Mr. Christopher Hamlin NegemLaw Offices of Chris H. Negem1997 Family Law
Hon. Victor Hugo Negron, Jr.Ford Murray, PLLC1987 Family Law
Judge John Edward Neill10th Court Of Appeals1994 Family Law
Mr. Keith M. NelsonOrsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP1988 Family Law
Mr. Michael James NelsonState of Texas-Associate Judge1991 Family Law
Mr. Joseph Malone NewberryNewberry Law, PLLC2012 Family Law
Ms. Amy A NicholsThe Law Office of Amy Moore-Nichols2011 Family Law
Mr. John Floyd NicholsBo Nichols Law Firm2005 Family Law
Mr. Gary Lyndon NickelsonLaw Office of Gary L. Nickelson1984 Family Law
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Bell NielsenWarmbrodt & Associates, PLLC2015 Family Law
Mr. Lea C. NoelkeNoelke Maples St Leger Bryant LLP1995 Family Law
Hon. Lawrence E. Noll1981 Family Law
Mr. Jonathan Ryan NordhausNordhaus & Nordhaus, PC2012 Family Law
Ms. Laurie Jeannette NowlinAkins , Nowlin & Prewitt, LLP1996 Family Law
Ms. Barbara D. NunneleyNunneley Family Law1989 Family Law
Mr. Thomas J. O'BrienLaw Office of Thomas J. O'Brien2001 Family Law
Mr. Dale O'NealDale O'Neal, Attorney at Law1989 Family Law
Ms. Michelle May O'NeilO'Neil Wysocki, P.C.1997 Family Law
Mr. Michael P. O'ReillyMichael P. O'Reilly, P.C.1979 Family Law
Ms. Pauline Rea O'TooleAtkins, O'Toole & Briner, LLC2010 Family Law
Ms. Mary Ann OakleyMary Ann Oakley Attorney at Law1987 Family Law
Mr. Kenneth Oden, Jr.Kenneth Oden, Jr., P.C.1997 Family Law
Ms. Susan Elizabeth OehlJenkins & Kamin, LLP2017 Family Law
Mr. John Christopher OldnerOrsinger Nelson Downing & Anderson2017 Family Law
Mr. Richard R. OrsingerOrsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP1980 Family Law
Melinda Renee OwensMelinda Owens Law Firm PLLC2017 Family Law
Ms. Cynthia Elaine PalmerThe Wright Firm, LLP2008 Family Law
Mr. Frank V. PanzicaFrank V Panzica PC1983 Family Law
Ms. Imogen Sherman PapadopoulosLaw Office of Imogen Papadopoulos1990 Family Law
Mr. George M. ParkerVerner BrumleyMuellerParker1986 Family Law
Ms. Helene Gay ParkerHelene Parker & Associates, LLC2013 Family Law
Mr. Andrew Joseph PassonsLewis & Passons, P.C.2010 Family Law
Ms. Jana Wickham PaulConnatser Family Law2009 Family Law
Mr. John C. PavlasJohn C. Pavlas, Attorney at Law1986 Family Law
Tyler Whitney PenningtonPennington Law PLLC2017 Family Law
Ms. Amy Thomas PerezAmy Thomas Perez Law Firm, PC2014 Family Law
Ms. Bette PesikoffBette Pesikoff, attorney at law1983 Family Law
Mr. Chad Douglas PetrossThe Petross Law Firm, P.L.L.C.2013 Family Law
Mr. George J. Petrovich, Jr.Law Office of George J. Petrovich, Jr.1998 Family Law
Mr. John J. Pfister, Jr.PFISTER & ASSOCIATES, PLLC2003 Family Law
Mr. Charles Clyde PhilipsPhilips & Epperson Attorneys LP2000 Family Law
Mr. Jimmy Phillips, Jr.Jimmy Phillips Jr. P.C.1977 Family Law
Mr. Michael M. PhillipsThe Michael M Phillips Law Firm P.C.1977 Family Law
Mr. Philip D. PhillipsPhilip D. Phillips, Attorney1984 Family Law
Mr. James Walter PiperWalters Gilbreath1988 Family Law
Mr. Rothwell B. Pool1984 Family Law
Ms. Diana L. PorterDiana L. Porter, P.C.1997 Family Law
Ms. Elizabeth Cawley Leg PorterKoons Fuller PC2008 Family Law
Ms. Beth A. Poulos324th District Court, Tarrant County, Texas2004 Family Law
Mr. John Sanford Powell, IIIJohn Powell III, P.C.2013 Family Law
Mr. William D. PowersPowers & Kerr, PLLC1988 Family Law
Mr. Lawrence J. PraegerLaw Office of Lawrence J. Praeger, P.C.1992 Family Law
Ms. Carol E. PraterPrater & Ridley1976 Family Law
Ms. Sally Lynne PretoriusKoonsFuller, P.C.2014 Family Law
Mr. Jimmie P. PricePrice & Price1986 Family Law
Mr. Ozell Price1985 Family Law
Mr. Richard C. PriceThe Price Law Firm1984 Family Law
Mr. Curtis E. PritchardLummus, Hallman, Pritchard, and Baker, P.C.1990 Family Law
Ms. Stephanie J. ProffittProffitt & Associates2010 Family Law
Ms. April Renee PropstChild Protection Court of Taylor County2018 Family Law
Ms. Kathryn Lanigan PruittPruitt Family Law Firm, PLLC2009 Family Law
Mr. Michael R. PuhlPuhl Law Group PC2008 Family Law
Mr. Barry Kieran RadcliffeSchwab & Radcliffe PC1996 Family Law
Mr. Kenneth G. RaggioRaggio & Raggio PLLC1979 Family Law
Mr. Thomas Louis RaggioRaggio & Raggio, P.L.L.C.1977 Family Law
Mr. Thomas C. RailsbackLovorn & Ogle, PLLC1982 Family Law
Ms. Charlotte Dawn RainwaterThe Rainwater Firm2005 Family Law
Ms. Mary Elizabeth RamosRamos Law Group PLLC2014 Family Law
Mr. Ricardo Lazaro RamosRicardo L. Ramos, PLLC2014 Family Law
Mr. Robinson C. RamseyLangley & Banack, Inc.1984 Family Law
Judge Susan Amanda RankinQuilling Selander Lownds Winslett and Moser P1992 Family Law
Mr. James Albert Rausch1986 Family Law
Mr. Donald E. Raybold1992 Family Law
Ms. Sara RazaviRazavi Zand and Associates, PLLC2010 Family Law
Mr. Damon Lynn ReedAttorney at Law1995 Family Law
Mr. Joe L. RegisterJudge, County Court-at-Law #1, Angelina Count1991 Family Law
Mr. Aaron Michael ReimerJenkins & Kamin, LLP2017 Family Law
Mr. Troy Alan ReimerTroy A. Reimer, Attorney at Law2002 Family Law
Ms. Elisa Maloff ReiterLaw Offices of Elisa M. Reiter1996 Family Law
Mr. Joe Houston Rentz, Jr.1976 Family Law
Mr. William Merritt ReppetoOrsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP2002 Family Law
Ms. Diane Baumbach ReulDiane Reul Attorney at Law1999 Family Law
Ms. Rachel Mary ReuterBandoske, Butler & Reuter, PLLC2014 Family Law
Ms. Ivy V. RickettsThe Law Firm Of Ivy V. Ricketts2002 Family Law
Reagan Vernon RiddleArmstrong Divorce and Family Law, PLLC2018 Family Law
Mr. Matthew Frank Riek360th District Court Associate Judge2004 Family Law
Mr. Jack McCall Riley2006 Family Law
Ms. Gloria M. RinconesDistrict Court Judge 445th2013 Family Law
Mr. Victor Anthony RiveraCoker, Robb & Cannon, PC2012 Family Law
Ms. Richel RiversRivers McNamara, PLLC1998 Family Law
Ms. Kelly Kathleen Erickson RobbCoker, Robb & Cannon2013 Family Law
Ms. Sandra K. Roberts1986 Family Law
Ms. Carolyn Cook Robertson2003 Family Law
Mr. Charles H. RobertsonPalmer & Manuel LLP1975 Family Law
Mr. Eric Allen RobertsonGoransonBain Ausley1997 Family Law
Mr. James A. Robertson2004 Family Law
Mr. Jim Avery RobertsonRobertson & Moss Attorneys, LLP1989 Family Law
Mr. Richard L. RobertsonKoonsFuller, P.C.1990 Family Law
Ms. Jennifer James Robin2007 Family Law
Ms. Diane Macfarlane Robinson2004 Family Law
Lorie Marie RobinsonLINDAMOOD & ROBINSON, P.C.2013 Family Law
Judge Douglas M. Robison2013 Family Law
Ms. Amy Jane RodPaul Webb, P.C.2010 Family Law
Ms. Agatha Laura DeLeon RodeAgatha L. Rode, PLLC2018 Family Law
Mr. Guy Keith RodgersLaw Office of Guy K. Rodgers2002 Family Law
Ms. Amie RodnickLaw offices of Amie Rodnick1990 Family Law
Ms. Carmen Rosita RojoCarmen Rojo Law Office1999 Family Law
Ms. Heather Ronconi-Algermissen2005 Family Law
Ms. Marian S. RosenRosen & Spears1975 Family Law
Mr. Arthur Joseph Rossi, Jr.Attorney at Law2010 Family Law
Mr. Leonard M. RothLeonard M. Roth, Attorney at Law1989 Family Law
Mr. Nicholas Vanston RothschildRothschild Law Firm, PLLC2014 Family Law
Ms. Rebecca Tillery RowanTurner McDowell Rowan, PLLC2012 Family Law
Mr. Donald Roth RoyallThe Royalls A Professional Corporation1986 Family Law
Ms. Melody Brooks RoyallThe Royalls A Professional Corporation1990 Family Law
Mr. Dale Elbert Royer, IIIColdwell Bowes, L.L.P.2018 Family Law
Judge Morton V. RuckerSeventh Administrative Judicial Region of Tex1988 Family Law
Ms. Keeli L. RuleShackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton2013 Family Law
Ms. Barbara K. Runge1981 Family Law
Mr. George Allen RustayGray Reed & McGraw1979 Family Law
Christina Loa Ryan2016 Family Law
Judge Leonard Ray SaenzSheridan Family Law PLLC - Retired Judge2016 Family Law
Judge Robin Dale SageCasey Family Programs Judicial Engagement Tea1987 Family Law
Mr. David J. SalinskySalinsky Law Office2011 Family Law
Ms. Sara Elizabeth SaltmarshLaw Offices of Sara E Saltmarsh1992 Family Law
Mr. Kyle Wayne SandersGray Reed & McGraw2002 Family Law
Mr. Raul SandovalSandoval Family Law, P.C.2018 Family Law
Ms. Jennifer Elizabeth Wright SatagajO'Neil Wysocki, P.C.2013 Family Law
Ms. Courtney Lynn SchmitzJohnson Loyd & Schmitz PLLC2018 Family Law
Mr. Wilfried P. SchmitzWilfried P. Schmitz & Associates, P.C.2000 Family Law
Mr. H. John SchmudeSkillern Firm2018 Family Law
Ms. Barbara Lynch SchnackHarris County Domestic Relations Office2001 Family Law
Ms. Cali Virginia SchwarzTindall & England PC2014 Family Law
Mr. Steven H. SchweitzerFullenweider Wilhite1987 Family Law
Ms. Holly A. SchymikBusiness Name *1999 Family Law
Mr. Mark Louis ScrogginsScroggins Law Group, PLLC2014 Family Law
Mr. Kevin Talmadge SeglerKoonsFuller, PC2014 Family Law
Mr. Herman H. Segovia1999 Family Law
Mr. F. Ben Selman, Jr.Naman Howell Smith & Lee PLLC1989 Family Law
Mr. Eugene M. SemkoSemko & Minor,P.C.1988 Family Law
Ms. Stefani E. ShapiroSchlanger Silver Barg & Paine LLP2000 Family Law
Mr. Jeffery Randall Shelton279th District Court1998 Family Law
Mr. William Bonner SheltonShelton Family Law, PLLC.1996 Family Law
Ms. Jolei Ann Bayard ShipleySmith Shipley Law, L.L.P.2015 Family Law
Judge Lawrence Dee Shipman, Jr.Senior District Judge2013 Family Law
Mr. William Leslie ShiremanConnolly & Shireman, LLP2011 Family Law
Mr. Jeffery Howard ShoreGoransonBain Ausley2006 Family Law
Mr. J. Lindsey Short, Jr.J.Lindsey Short Jr. & Associates, P.L.C.1980 Family Law
Mr. Kent W. ShriverShriver & McLean, LLP1993 Family Law
Ms. Cicily J. SimmsLaw Office of Cicily Simms1977 Family Law
Mr. David W. SimpsonHarris County Domestic Relations Office1998 Family Law
Ms. Melissa Colette SimpsonLaw Office of Melissa C. Simpson, PLLC2014 Family Law
Mr. Beau Thomas SinclairSinclair Law Office PC2013 Family Law
Mr. Dennis Marston SlateSlate & Associates Attorneys at Law2014 Family Law
Ms. Donna Jayne SmiedtFamily Law Firm of Donna J. Smiedt, PLLC1991 Family Law
Mr. Bruce Neill SmithSmith Sec. Shipley LLP1989 Family Law
Ms. Jacqueline SmithJacqueline Smith & Associates, P.C.2011 Family Law
Mr. Jay Daniel SmithLaw Office of Jay D. Smith2018 Family Law
Ms. Kathleen Elizabeth H SmithLaw Office of Kate Smith, PLLC.2015 Family Law
Mr. Matthew Arthur SmithLaw Offices of R. L. Whitehead, Jr. P.C.2008 Family Law
Ms. Diane L. SnyderDiane L. Snyder1983 Family Law
Ms. Kate Chester SoulsbyLaw Office of Kate Soulsby2017 Family Law
Mr. R. Keith SpencerManaging Attorney- Bailey & Galyen2006 Family Law
Ms. Janet Lynn SpielvogelSpielvogel & Spielvogel, PC1993 Family Law
Mr. Christopher Anthony SpoffordChris A Spofford PC1993 Family Law
Ms. Andrea Beth St LegerNoelke Maples St. Leger Bryant, LLP2008 Family Law
Ms. Diane Marie St. YvesLaw Office of Diane St. Yves, PLLC2013 Family Law
Ms. Barbara Jean Rice StalderJudge 280th District Court2013 Family Law
Ms. Linda J. StanleyLinda Stanley PLLC2004 Family Law
Judge Thomas O. StansburyAdr Services1981 Family Law
Mr. Bruce R. StefflerBruce R. Steffler, P.C.1988 Family Law
Ms. Carson Epes SteinbauerShackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, LLP2016 Family Law
Mr. John Alan Stewart1981 Family Law
Ms. Susannah A. StinsonStinson Moyle PLLC2008 Family Law
Mr. Robert Thomas StitesRobert T.Stites Attorney at law P.C .1984 Family Law
Mr. Michael A. Stocker1985 Family Law
Ms. Patricia Ann Stone19521998 Family Law
Ms. Beverly StoreyBeverly Storey Law Office1987 Family Law
Ms. Angela Annunciata StoutThe Stout Law Firm, P.L.L.C.2015 Family Law
Mr. Randolph West StoutRandolph W. Stout, P.C.1987 Family Law
Mr. Jonathan Lee StovallGalmor Stovall & Gilthorpe, Attorneys at Law2017 Family Law
Mr. Scott W. StoverSeale Stover & Bisbey2011 Family Law
Mr. Daniel R. StrannStrann Law Firm1995 Family Law
Judge Frank W. Sullivan, III1989 Family Law
Ms. Melissa Korene SwanSchneider Law Firm, PC2015 Family Law
Mr. Brian Knox TackettHayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP2013 Family Law
Judge Cleburn Don TaylorJudge Liberty County Court at Law No. 21996 Family Law
Ms. Jacqueline L. TaylorJacqueline Taylor, Attorney at Law1985 Family Law
Ms. Lisa Lynne TaylorLisa L Taylor Attorney at Law1999 Family Law
Ms. Terisa G. TaylorThe Law Office of Terisa Taylor, P.C.2002 Family Law
Mr. Donald Edward Teller, Jr.Teller Law Firm, P.C.2007 Family Law
Mr. Thomas Souter Terrell1976 Family Law
Ms. Heather TessmerTessmer Law Firm, P.L.L.C.2016 Family Law
Ms. Christine M. TharpLaw Offices of Christine Tharp1988 Family Law
Chief Justice Linda B. ThomasJAMS1981 Family Law
Mr. Michael Scott ThomasThe Charles Brown Law Firm1998 Family Law
Ms. Paula Louise Thomas1996 Family Law
Mr. George E. ThompsonLaw offices of George E. Thompson, P.C.2016 Family Law
Ms. Linda Anne Thompson1986 Family Law
Ms. Lucia ThompsonPalacios, Garza & Thompson, O.C.2013 Family Law
Mr. Travis R. ThompsonLaw Thompson, PC1998 Family Law
Ms. Kristal Cordova ThomsonLangley & Banack, Inc.2009 Family Law
Mr. David L. ThorntonLaw Offices of David L. Thornton1987 Family Law
Ms. Christine Rosetta ThrashLaw Office of Christine R. Thrash, PLLC2007 Family Law
Mr. Harry Lee TindallTindall England, PC1975 Family Law
Mr. Steven M. TinsleyTinsley Law Firm2005 Family Law
Ms. Cindy Venise TisdaleLaw Office of Cindy V. Tisdale, P.L.L.C.2003 Family Law
Mr. David William ToddTodd Law Firm, PLLC2013 Family Law
Ms. Ashley Victoria TomlinsonLaura Dale & Associates, P.C.2018 Family Law
Ms. Cynthia Brown TracyCynthia Tracy, Attorney at Law, P.C.2012 Family Law
Ms. Sherrie Haussner TraversTravers & Travers1996 Family Law
Mr. Michael Christopher Tresidder2015 Family Law
Ms. Norma Levine TruschNorma Levine Trusch, Attorney at Law1983 Family Law
Ms. Cristi M. TruslerTrusler Legal PLLC2007 Family Law
Mr. Judson Thornton TuckerTucker Law Firm, PLLC2018 Family Law
Ms. Jennifer TullLaw Offices of Jennifer Tull1990 Family Law
Ms. Jami Milner TurnerFriday Milner Lambert Turner, PLLC2017 Family Law
Ms. Karen Blakely TurnerTurner McDowell, PLLC1994 Family Law
Mr. Travis L TurnerBurnettTurner2009 Family Law
Mr. Robert James UlmanAttorney at Law1990 Family Law
Mr. Patrick Wade UptonKoons Fuller, PC2015 Family Law
Ms. Stacey Holley Valdez2009 Family Law
Ms. Sara Springer ValentineBurgower Law, L.L.P.2014 Family Law
Mr. John E. Van NessLilly, Newman & Van Ness, L.L.P.2002 Family Law
Judge Charles H. Van OrdenCen Tex Child Protection Court1995 Family Law
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Van OrmanVan Orman & Associates, PC1998 Family Law
Mr. M. J. Vanden EykelKoonsFuller1980 Family Law
Mr. Jamie Stephen VandivereVandivere1989 Family Law
Mr. James A. VaughtVaught Law Firm, P.C.2000 Family Law
Mr. Jimmy Lynn Verner, Jr.Verner Brumley Mueller Parker PC1990 Family Law
Mr. G. Thomas Vick, Jr.VickCarney LLP1987 Family Law
Mr. Michael P. Von BlonMichael P Von Blon & Associates1991 Family Law
Ms. Kathryn Nicole VoylesTindall England, PC2010 Family Law
Ms. Susan VranaSusan Vrana Family Law1985 Family Law
Ms. Lauren Elyse WaddellWaddell Law Firm, P.C.2007 Family Law
Mr. Forrest W. WagnerForrest W. Wagner, Attorney at Law1988 Family Law
Mr. Steven Neil WaldenThe Carlson Law Firm, P.C.2015 Family Law
Ms. Teresa J. WaldropLaw Office of Teresa J Waldrop, P.C.2009 Family Law
Mr. Frederick X. WalkerThe Walker Law Firm1992 Family Law
Mr. Ronald E. Walker, Jr.Ronnie Walker Attorney at Law1977 Family Law
Mr. Dennis R. Joe WallLaw Office of D. R. Joe Wall1990 Family Law
Mr. Edward J. Walsh, III1990 Family Law
Ms. Stephani A. WalshLaw Offices of Stephani Walsh1996 Family Law
Mr. Brian Douglas WaltersWalters Gilbreath, PLLC2016 Family Law
Ms. Diane M. Wanger1992 Family Law
Mr. Aaron Gregory WansbroughFerrer Poirot Wansbrough Feller Daniel Abney1991 Family Law
Mr. V. Wayne WardV. Wayne Ward, P.C.1983 Family Law
Mr. Randall B. WarmbrodtWarmbrodt & Associates P.L.L.C.2004 Family Law
Judge Judy L. WarneSenior District Judge1989 Family Law
Ms. Marianne T. WarrenOffice of the Attorney General of Texas2003 Family Law
Mr. Steven Paul WatkinsWatkins Perkins Law Group1989 Family Law
Ms. Sandra Lee Watts117th District Court1990 Family Law
Mr. O. Glenn Weaver1991 Family Law
Mr. Brian L. WebbThe Webb Family Law Firm, P.C.1980 Family Law
Mr. Daniel Paul WebbLaw Office of Daniel Webb2011 Family Law
Ms. Natalie Lauren WebbThe Webb Family Law Firm, P.C.2014 Family Law
Mr. J. Terry WeeksGray Becker, P.C.1975 Family Law
Ms. Daryl Gail WeinmanWeinman & Associates, P.C.2000 Family Law
Ms. Victoria F. Welcome1983 Family Law
Mr. Jack H. Welge, Jr.Law Office of Jack H. Welge, Jr.1984 Family Law
Ms. Debra Babineaux Wester2004 Family Law
Mr. Guy W. WesterWester Law Office1983 Family Law
Mr. Clint Joseph WesthoffGoransonBain Ausley2006 Family Law
Ms. Rebecca Ann WheelerCorbin & Associates2011 Family Law
Mr. Joseph Thadis WhisenantWhisenant & Associates2010 Family Law
Mr. Ulis L. Whitecotton1992 Family Law
Ms. Brenda Karen WhiteheadLaw Office of Brenda K. Whitehead1990 Family Law
Mr. R. Laughton Whitehead, Jr.R. L. Whitehead, Jr., P.C.1986 Family Law
Mr. John Timothy WhittenLaw Office of Tim Whitten, P.C.2005 Family Law
Mr. James Marshall WhorleyJames M. Whorley, P.C.1997 Family Law
Ms. Patricia A. WicoffSchlanger, Silver, Barg & Paine, L.L.P.1979 Family Law
Ms. Briar Lee WilcoxBriar Wilcox Law Firm, PLLC2015 Family Law
Mr. Randall B. WilhiteFullenweider Wilhite1984 Family Law
Ms. Jolyn Colburn WilkinsFargason, Booth, St.Clair, Richards & Wi1995 Family Law
Mr. Bobby Chad Williams1996 Family Law
Ms. Melissa Morgan WilliamsLaw Office of Melissa M. Williams2000 Family Law
Ms. Carol A. WilsonLaw Office of Carol A Wilson, PLLC1992 Family Law
Mr. Charles M. Wilson, IIIWilson & Lake1982 Family Law
Mr. Joe Marr WilsonLaw Office of Joe Marr Wilson, P.C.1995 Family Law
Mr. John Thomas WilsonWILSON LEGAL GROUP P.C.2008 Family Law
Judge Lorraine Wilson1988 Family Law
Ms. Tasha McInnis WilsonJacqueline Smith & Associates, P.C.2018 Family Law
Mr. Wade Armstrong WilsonWade Wilson, Attorney at Law1990 Family Law
Mr. Monroe Allen WindsorThe Women's Center2007 Family Law
Ms. Mari L WiseThe Wise Law Firm2011 Family Law
Ms. Cecilia M. WoodAttorney and Counselor at Law, P. C.1993 Family Law
Ms. Wendy Anne WoodFamily Law Associate Judge, Brazos County, TX2012 Family Law
Judge Douglas R. Woodburn108th District Court1992 Family Law
Mr. Joshua Russell WoodburnWoodburn & Watkins, L.L.P.2012 Family Law
Ms. D. Kay WoodsWoods & Matlock, PC2000 Family Law
Ms. Sheelah M. WootenHarris County Attorney1997 Family Law
Mr. Christopher K. WrampelmeierUnderwood Law Firm, P.C.2000 Family Law
Ms. Deborah L. Wright1987 Family Law
Mr. Patrick Allen WrightThe Wright Firm, L.L.P.2001 Family Law
Ms. Patricia Ann Wueste1984 Family Law
Mr. Michael David WysockiO'Neil Wysocki, PC2011 Family Law
Mr. Roger M. YaleYale Law Group2014 Family Law
Ms. Ellen A. YarrellEllen A. Yarrell P.C.1992 Family Law
Mr. Sam M. Yates, IIILaw Office Sam M. (Trey) Yates, III, P.2010 Family Law
Mr. Douglas Ray YorkLaw Offices of Douglas Ray York, P.C.2018 Family Law
Hon. James M. YorkSenior District Judge1987 Family Law
Mr. Robert Edwin YorkLAW OFFICES OF ROBERT E. YORK, P.C.2002 Family Law
Ms. Barbara S. YoungYoung, Libersky & Holbrook2000 Family Law
Ms. Lisa Sue ZahnZahn Family Law2010 Family Law
Mr. Joseph F. Zellmer2005 Family Law
Judge Alvin L. ZimmermanSpencer Fane LLP1985 Family Law
Ms. Marcia L. ZimmermanZimmermanLutterbie, LLP1991 Family Law
Ms. Marlene M. ZinsmeisterZinsmeister Law Firm, PC2001 Family Law
Mr. Bruce Campbell ZivleyBruce C. Zivley, Attorney at Law1991 Family Law
Ms. Dianne ZomperLaw Office of Dianne Zomper1998 Family Law
Mr. Harold C. ZuflachtHigdon Hardy & Zuflacht1997 Family Law