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In submitting information to TBLS, I verify that I have answered all questions completely and truthfully and that all information provided is accurate. I agree to abide by the provisions of the TBLS Rules and Regulations and to pay all fees required by TBLS. I authorize all persons and entities to provide to the TBLS or its authorized representative all information relevant to my certification, specifically including records in possession of a district grievance committee, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, or the Minimum Continuing Legal Education Department of the State Bar of Texas. I understand that all information received by the TBLS shall be treated confidentially and that I have no right of access to information received by the TBLS from third parties. I agree not to modify or alter the content provided on this site. (Terms & Conditions)

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TBLS Member Services maintains a current and comprehensive record for each Board Certified attorney, consistent with the TBLS Plan and specific specialty area requirements.