Proposed Revisions to Family Law Standards

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization is in the process of determining whether to recommend to the Supreme Court of Texas adoption of revised Family Law Standards.  The proposed revisions to the Standards for Certification in Family Law is the result of the dedicated efforts of a committee of Board Certified Family Law attorneys as well as the members of TBLS Family Law Advisory Commission. 

After much discussion within the Family Law community, including both Board Certified Family Lawyers and those on an obvious path to Certification, it was decided that a review of the Family Law Standards was appropriate.  The sense of the committee and the Advisory Commission was that the evolution of the Family Law practice over the years had reached the point where the existing Family Law Standards needed to be revised in order to meet this new reality.  The goal was twofold: first, to be fair to applicants who were well-qualified but encountering difficulty in reaching numerical requirements; and second, to not lower the high standards required to achieve Board Certification in Texas.  These Proposed Revisions represent the culmination of many hours of diligent effort by the committee and the Advisory Commission to achieve both goals.

The TBLS Plan for Recognition and Regulation in the Law provides that establishment of specialty area standards, including revisions to same, must be circulated for public comment.  As a valued member of the State Bar of Texas, TBLS solicits any comments you might have regarding the proposed revisions to the Standards for Certification in Family Law.  Please direct your comments to or 505 E. Huntland Dr., Ste. 400, LB 28, Austin, Texas 78752.  Comments will be accepted through June 5, 2017.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.