Connect with a Board Certified Texas Attorney

Helpful Tips

Each attorney Certification Application contains a complete set of instructions. The following reminders and tips are provided to help avoid common problems.

Important Reminders

  • Review your TBLS CLE Summary Report to insure you meet the minimum requirement of TBLS approved courses. Attorneys must meet a minimum, 60-hour requirement.
  • Retain a copy of the application and attachments for your records.

Helpful Tips

  1. Read the specific area requirements in each Attorney Standards for Certification before starting an application.
  2. Confirm you are current with your State Bar of Texas membership dues, your attorney taxes and your MCLE status. Attorneys not in good standing with the State Bar are not eligible to apply.
  3. All specialization requirements are based on a calendar year (January 1 - December 31).
  4. When listing your substantial involvement, include only completed matters. No pending matters will be accepted.
  5. Prior to submitting an application, contact the individuals listed as references on your application. Inform them they will be receiving a TBLS reference form.
  6. TBLS uses your firm's address for mail correspondence. Notify the TBLS if you move. Our contact records are maintained independently from the State Bar Membership Department.

Important Note Regarding Discipline

The TBLS Rules and Regulations require certification applicants to disclose information at any time during the pendency of an application. Failure to report any matter within 30-days of the proceeding is grounds for denial of the application.