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Attorney Certification

The TBLS accepts attorney certification applications through its online application process. The process opens early each calendar year and closes in late spring.

Prior to the opening of the next application period, we provide Sample applications as a guide to the required content for each specific area of law.

Sample applications are print-friendly versions of the prior year's online applications and may not be used to submit an application. Although Sample applications lack key online conventions, such as drop-down menus and check boxes, each contains detailed instructions regarding specific area requirements. To reduce page count, various Substantial Involvement requirements are represented by a single case or matter input form instead of multiple blank forms.

Providing your e-mail address allows us to promptly notify you when the application process opens.

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Your Privacy

We are requesting your e-mail address to better serve you in the certification process. Your requesting an application(s) does not obligate you to file an application for certification. However, if you are interested in filing now or at a later date, furnishing us with your e-mail address will allow TBLS to provide you updates in the specialty areas in which you are interested. We use the address for certification purposes only. Your address will not be provided to any outside parties and in fact TBLS has taken measures to protect the addresses from view by any other entity.