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TBLS Fees & Application Schedule


Current fees are listed below. In all instances, fees are "per specialty area". Please note that all fees are under review and subject to change.


Key dates for the certification process are listed below. However, both fees and scheduled dates are subject to change, so please visit this site frequently during your application process for the most current information.

Attorney Fee Schedule

Fees Key Dates
Certification Application $150.00 May 7, 2018 Filing Deadline
TBLS Attorney Examination Fee $250.00 Exam Date October 15, 2018
Laptop Fee $55.00
Recertification Fee (every 5th year of Certification) $50.00 April 30, 2018
Annual Reporting Fees $125.00 April 30, 2018 Deadline
Attorney Appeal $50.00 10 days after notice
Administrative Reinstatement $100.00 30 days after notice
Certification Application Resubmit Fee $50.00